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Treat yourself and your guests and leave the beverages to us!
Beer and wine selections all in one place. All delivered.

BREWPUBLIK provides both nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages for your events. Our custom packages are tailored to suit every pallet, budget and occasion. Our professional team of beverage curators, delivery drivers and service team will ensure an effortless event. We emphasize exceptional service and dazzling presentation from simple events to sophisticated affairs. BREWPUBLIK does it all!

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We have carefully curated several beer and wine options that will be perfect for your upcoming celebration. 

Beer - from $5 per person
Beer and Wine - from $7 per person
*Delivery included



Smooth, rich and creamy nitro Dry Stout brewed in Dublin.


Based on Arthur Guinness’ II Superior Porter recipe, Extra Stout is crafted from the finest quality malt, hops and Irish barley.


Harp Lager is a bright pale golden color with a bold fruity nose that is crisp and clean. You’ll gather slight bitterness up front with a smooth aftertaste.


Smithwick’s is Ireland’s number one ale with its exceptional taste and purity of ingredients. A rich, satisfying taste using the finest hops and special roasted, malted barley.

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*Liquor delivery only available in SF.

Let us make your life easier.

Imagine happy hour with alcohol that everyone likes. Our Beergorithm takes the beer preferences of the whole office to match unique taste profiles to a selection of beers. Every happy hour is different, but tailored to please all employees. Everyone tells us what they like. Everyone drinks what they like. We also provide wine, coffee and kombucha offerings!

Bottles and Cans

Our bottles and cans service is great for offices of any size and can be used in tandem with our keg service. Six packs or cases, we can provide your office with an endless variety of craft and domestic beer options that will appeal to everyone’s taste profile. If you prefer a larger variety of beer for Happy Hour, our bottles/cans service is for you.

- Packages built to fit company size and budget
- Endless variety of beer options
- Perfect for small and large offices
- Pairs perfectly with keg service
- Delivery and stocking of beer (at no additional cost)


Having a team member go out and get a keg is no easy task. Kegs are heavy, so use BREWPUBLIK and you won’t have to lift a finger. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you. We use our Beergorithm to select kegs for the office that appeal to everyone’s taste. Selection, keg handling, installation, it’s all included. If the office loves that feeling of pouring themselves a beer, wine, kombucha or coffee straight from the tap, this is the way to go.

- Line cleaning
- CO2/Nitro refills
- Kegerator maintenance
- Loading/unloading service

We bring alcohol to your office so you can focus on more important things. Like, drinking it.

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Our pricing is comparable with standard retail pricing that you'd find at any bottle shop or beverage super store.

We will build a custom plan for you and your office that fits both your beer needs and your budget. We will provide you with estimates that can include:

- 30-day trial
- Month-to-month pricing
- Three, six, and twelve month pre-paid discounts
- Special event pricing (office parties, corporate retreats, gifts, etc.)
- No contracts
- Discounts for referrals

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